Top 5 Reasons to Staycation this Summer


One thing that we can all probably agree on right now is that we all deserve a vacation. With the uncertainty of international and even nationwide travel this year, more and more families are planning smaller getaways. Take this summer as an opportunity to explore where you may have never thought of exploring: your own home state. With staycations on the rise, we have compiled a list of why it deserves to be at the top of your travel bucket list this summer. 

1. Rediscover your City or State

We spend so much time thinking about leaving our home and traveling the world, when there are most likely plenty of wonderful places to visit right in our backyard. From museums, to aquariums, national parks, and fun outdoor activities such as horse riding, hiking, and kayaking, it’s truly amazing what you can discover in your home state. Consider why other travelers visit your home state and what is typically on their must-do list. Having a travel advisor plan your trip is also a huge benefit. As a second pair of eyes looking in, they will find hidden gems that you may not have ever thought of!

2. Save on Travel Expenses and Time

Travel expenses, including flights for the whole family, rental cars, and private transportation, can add up extremely quickly. By staying in your town or state, you can cut those costs by simply driving to your desired location. You will be there much quicker, saving time, and be less concerned with being around large crowds in airports. By saving on travel expenses, you may also be able to splurge on staying at a luxury resort close to home for a few nights making your trip extra special. At Katie Bean Travels, when we’re on the search for a getaway, but do not necessarily have a week available, we love staying for a long weekend at the Four Seasons Orlando for a refreshing, relaxing vacation. Just a short 30-minute drive from home, we feel like we’ve escaped to paradise.

3. Be a Tourist in your Own State

For the duration of your staycation, try to forget that you actually live there. Give yourself permission to let go and enjoy every moment with your family. Don’t be afraid to be a tourist and sight-see throughout your trip. Take tons of touristy photos and make a fun photo album with your children when you get back home. Make one of your vacation days an open-ended, spontaneous adventure. Have a few must-do’s for the day, but then let the rest of the day happen naturally. Some of the best travel moments happen when we least expect it. Take in the culture, talk to other locals (with appropriate social distancing, of course), and create memories with your family to last a lifetime.

4. Learn Your State’s History

One of our favorite things to do when traveling is to sign up for a half or full day history tour towards the beginning of the trip. There is something so special about taking in all of the sites of the city or town while learning some of the most interesting stories of monuments, landmarks, street names, original buildings, and so much more. If it’s currently being offered, take a private walking tour of your town with a local history professional or a hop on, hop off tram. You’ll walk away with a new appreciation of your home state and a deeper connection to the place you call home.

5. Support Local Business

Now, more than ever, local businesses need our help. Consider ordering curbside pickup from a local family-owned restaurant, shop gifts for friends or travel souvenirs from small shops, grab your morning coffee from the little coffee shop on the corner that just reopened after months of being closed, tour a local vineyard. Do what you can to give back and support your own community.


We can’t wait to plan your next adventure abroad, but until then, there has never been a better time to explore your own backyard. As always, your team at Katie Bean Travels is here to assist with creating your next Unforgettable Experience, reach out to us today to get started!

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